"Through This Looking Glass"  Joana Sá, Blinker - Marke für Rezentes 2010
'through this looking glass' is a piece by Joana Sá for prepared piano, toy piano, electronics, props and a mobile, with strong scenic and performance features. Inspired by the surreal and dreamlike world of Lewis Carroll and exploring the relationship between music and poetry, the piece is divided into two different parts: '13 mini(cre)atures for robert schumann' and 'freedom means little. what i desire still has no name'.
While traveling 'through this looking glass', one encounters creatures made of sound making their way through different musical logics in a bizarre and hypnotizing world. Joana slides into, beneath, in between and outside the piano as one who searches for the hidden logics, bowels and a forgotten childhood of this instrument that has become, because of its historical importance, of an almost untouchable 'severity'. After all, the piano can. And the pianist can too.
The performance 'through this looking glass' was captured by film director and cinematographer Daniel Neves into a black and white movie with the same title. Daniel closely follows and transforms every musical gesture into unique pictures of sensitive and depurated aesthetic. Whether it is music that we see or images that we hear, we'll never know. There's no line that divides or designates territories: Joana and Daniel build something hardly definable yet overwhelming and original. 'through this looking glass' will be released as DVD+CD by German label 'blinker, Marke für Rezentes'.
through this looking glass
for prepared piano, toy piano,
electronics, mobile and props

music, concept and performance by
joana sá

film directed by
daniel neves

rita sá
recorded at Recreios da Amadora, Portugal, by Ângelo Lourenço & Sérgio Milhano
mixed and mastered by Eduardo Raon