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Although he has a classical harp education, Raon has always been unsatisfied with standing with both feet on the same recognizable ground. Contemporary, experimental, ethnic, noise, pop, retro, rock and electronic music are all part of a kaleidoscopic baggage brought by Eduardo Raon onstage. Either improvising, composing or interpreting and with a mixed attitude that oscillates between the visceral and the delicate/minute, his harp is squelched, stretched, melted, lit, consumed, blossomed, caressed.
He has frequently toured and recorded with I-Wolf, POWERTRIO, Maria João & Mário Laginha, Bypass, Ela Não É Francesa Ele Não É Espanhol, Hipnótica, O Espectáculo d'Ontem as well as solo. Besides Portugal he has performed in Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Russia, Holland, Belgium and Macau (China).
    As an interpreter he has premiered both solo and chamber works by Eurico Carrapatoso, Clotilde Rosa, Ivan Moody, João Lucas, Joana Sá, Daniel Schvetz, Eli Camargo, Sebastian Duh and Fernando Lobo.
    Raon regularly composes for Cinema, Animation, Theater, Dance e Fine Arts projects.
    In 2009 he was granted a grant by the Portuguese state for an international internship in Improvised Music/Neue Musik, working with Professor Paulo Álvares at the Hochschule für Musik Köln (GER).
    More recently, he composed and performed live soundtracks at Slovene Kinoteka, for the following films:

- "L'Impossible" for Sylvain George's retrospective;
 - a collection of Émile Cohl's animated films;
 - "49 Flies" by Piérre Hebért;
 - "Text of Light" by Stan Brakhage;
 - "Die Puppe" by Ernst Lubitsch;
 - "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang;
 - "Enthusiasm - Symphony of the Donbass" by Dziga Vertov;
In late 2013, he made his solo debut with the album "The Drive For Impulsive Actions" released by the Lisboa based label SHHPUMA (powered by Clean Feed).

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