Staging the practice of drawing through intimacy, trust and risk
as in a dream that we don’t want to end
we retrace our lines
in the hope
like in the myth of the minotaur
by way of a thread
to find our way out of the labyrinth
in the desire for our presence to become tangible
to wake up into another dream
a dream of trust, of touch, of intimacy
beyond platonic
beyond romantic
beyond sexual
ONÍRICA is the result of a meditation-based practice, informed by authentic movement, drawing and dream journaling. Our practice informs our way of being with each other. Emotional and physical states manifest in our interactions and in our lines. We honor our impulses. There is an undeniable sense of empowerment when pathos gets to be in the driving seat and logos relaxes its hand out of the window – just playfully riding the wind.
Concept and Artistic Direction Marta Navaridas Performance Lau Lukkarila, Xianghui Zeng, Veza Fernández Live-Music/Composition Eduardo Raon, Manuel Riegler Dramaturgy Alex Deutinger Stage Design Carlotta Bonura Stage Plan B Costumes Johanna Lakner Photos Kati Göttfried Trailer Magdalena Fischer Production and Tour Management Sophie Schmeiser, Eva Holzinger Production PERFORMANCEINITIATIVE 22 Coproduction Szene Salzburg Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Graz, Kultur Land Steiermark, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, apap - Performing Europe 2020, Wildgarten Wien