"O Grito do Peixe" (The Cry of the Fish)  de Clara Andermatt

A performance involving young students from the city of Olhão in the Algarve region (Portugal), on a project commissioned by Faro National Capital of Culture.
The creative process took place in Olhão during a three-month residency -from October to December 2005 - by using a close approach to the community whose singularities and habits served as a reference, an inspiration and as starting points for the development of this piece. 

The Cry of the Fish is a performance made of movement, music and theatre, featuring a live band (2 drum sets, 2 electric guitars, a bass and a harp) which allows us to travel through rock sonorities and drift along its peripheries.
It brings on stage 5 dancers, 5 musicians and 10 school students from Olhão, Portugal.
Coreography and project manager: Clara Andermatt
Composer: João Lucas
Set and light design: Rui Horta
Costume design: Aleksandar Protisch

Dancers: Joana Bergano, Pedro Ramos, Romeu Runa, Samuel Louwyck, Victor Hugo Pontes
Rehearsal assistant: Vera Santos
Students from Escola EB 2,3 João da Rosa, in Olhão: Ana Filipa Meyners, André Tomás, Dora Sousa, Iúri Feliciano, Janina Santos, Joana Belmiro, João Efigénia, Miguel Pereira, Oleksandra Balytska, Pedro Correia

Musicians: Anthony Wheeldon (Guitar), Beto Garcia (Drums), Eduardo Raon (Guitar and Harp), João Pestana (Bass), Marco Santos (Drums)