Everyday millions of people are on their way, hoping for a better life.  Migrants with many different stories and backgrounds are crossing Slovenia, some of them stay here and try to rebuild their lives. The art project Borders was created in three different phases and it was dedicated to make the platform for migrants to collaborate in art project with various artist. Borders was organized as several workshops in Slovenska filantropija with artists from different fields of arts: musicians, dancers, directors, production designers. Our aim was to create art project through old fashion conversation and theatre games, where we were questioning the everyday of modern migration, identity and belonging. The second phase was to recreate a part of journey of the migrant which ends in cold storage. The last one was a performance, where we gather the audience around the welcome table in the Museum of Contemporary Slovene History, to share a traditional Slovene dinner with talks, conversation, dance, songs, toasts and hearing the story of Jalal, a migrant that immigrated from Iran. Borders would like to transcend national and cultural borders and show a mirror of today Slovene society to spark debate about the future of migration policy.
Jalal Mosavi & Eduardo Raon
Project Meje / Borders,
author, director & performer Barbare Kapelj, co-authors and performers Tina Valentan, Jalal Mosavi, Eduardo Raon, Boštjan Perovšek, Igor Dujmović and Tadeja Korena Šmida. In cooperation with  Ženskim Pevski Zborom Barje production Zavoda Generato with the support MOL with the collaboration of Juretu Porenti, Bredi Kapelj, Ognjenu Radivojeviču, Primožu Jamšku, Slavici Janošević, Slovenski filantropiji, SMG, Dragani Alfirević, Nomad Dance Academy, Mihi T. Horvatu in Ustanovi fundacija sonda ter Dejanu Filipoviću in Foundusu.