Oh, little soldier, jaunting happily towards the war, you pay no heed to the red petal you carry, marking the ones who’ll fall. Such petal is the sign of the mustard yellow death that will smother you in the pestiferous, muddy trenches. Not, however, without introducing you to some of the damned that have left already, and who are waiting for you in the fields of desolation.
Filipe Abranches was born in Lisbon, in 1965. He received a degree in filmmaking course at the School of Theatre and Film (ESTC). He is a professor at the Department of Illustration / Comics at Ar.Co, 2005 to 2010, and a lecturer and coordinator of Illustration Masters at ESAP / Guimarães (Porto Artistic School – Campus of Guimarães) from 2006 to 2008. He began his work in the LX Comics magazine in the early 90s. He works as an illustrator at the Expresso weekly newspaper and has published illustrations in several other newspapers, such as Publico, Le Monde (France), O Independente and Jornal I. He has published, among others, the following comic books: History of Lisbon, The Diary of K. and Solo
Director - Filipe Abranches
Production - Animais AVPL
Music, sound & soundmixing: Eduardo Raon
Indie Lisboa, Portugal, 2016 (premiere)
Animafest, Croacia, 2016
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