I-WOLF & THE CHAINREACTIONS performing "Howling Years" Live at WUK, Vienna, 25.May.2013
I-WOLF   "Fleshandblood / Skullandbones" 
Seayou Records, Austria, 2013

“The wolf is back! Wolfgang Schloegl awakes his solo-music project I-Wolf from an almost 10 year long hibernation. Having worked on other ventures such as the renowned Sofa Surfers or different art-, theatre- and music-projects (Faraday Orchestra, Paradies der Tiere and lots more) Schlögl has matured his own sound through lots of experience. It is an autocratic sound, negating fashionable minimalism or semi-ironic cheesiness. Jazz and dub rhythms flirt with an enthusiasm for soul and contemporary dance music.
Every new I-Wolf track exists in two universes. The Fleshandblood manifestation accepts chaos; it is a bacchanalian ode to life in excess. It aims to capture the delirious struggle of the soul, pulling the desires in many directions at once. The Skinandbones manifestation is ascetic, controlled, a concordant piece of harmony: focused, structured, pure. Schloegl: “Music flows; from musician to musician, from musician to listener, it is shared, given away, hoarded, mashed, remixed, reinterpreted, pours into a concert, onto the concertgoers and so on. I don’t think there is an essential form of any music. It’s freedom through variation.”
With the Chainreactions he is bringing along a new pack too: Portuguese harpist Eduardo Raon, wunderkind drummer/producer Sixtus Preiss (Affine Records) and battle-tested music veteran Eddie Siblik on guitar and bass. The three singers Nomadee, Aiha and Briknie ease the often challenging environment of an I-Wolf production and add just the right amount of bliss”.