There once was a boy who had an empty field in his heart. His name was Ocarino and he had the dream of becoming bullet-man, to live in a place so high he could touch the stars and see better what he longed for. In one of those flights, in a clear night, he saw a tall palace, where a girl lived that couldn’t stop dancing as soon as she heard music Blirina. When he saw her, he knew she was the fix fot he fire he carried within him.
Portugal, 2012, ANI, HD, Colour, 14'
Director: Isabel Aboim Inglez
Producer: Nuno Amorim, Animais AVPL
Script: Possidónio Cachapa
Photography: Isabel Aboim Inglez
Editing: Isabel Aboim Inglez, Nuno Amorim
Music: Eduardo Raon, Joaquim de Brito
Sound: Eduardo Raon, Nuno Amorim
Animation: Carlota Frieg, Isabel Aboim Inglez, Nuno Amorim, Rosalvo Melo, Rui Horta Pereira
Animation Technique: Drawing on paper, Computer 2D
Voice Over: Ana Brandão, Joaquim de Brito, Teresa Sobral
Original Idiom: Portuguese
Subtitles: English
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