In a place where death can lurk around the corner and where micro-scaled events can exhibit an overwhelming intensity, "Deceiving Light" manages to convey the notion of "how big small things can be". A gloomy, dark story on light and its absence! Through hecatomb survival or the experience of electrified love Oryctes oscillates between the heroic and the pathetic, the armored strength of Coleoptera and the ridicule clumsiness of nearsightedness. A true audio-visual experience in a concept mixture of concert, animated movie and realtime cinema, where the musical and visual roles are complementary parts of this gigantic animated exoskeleton.
Comissioned by Animateka Festival in 2009
With the kind support of Instituto Camões through the Embassy of Portugal in Slovenia

Production: Association for the Reanimation of Storytelling 2 Reels
Music & Sound Eduardo Raon (Portugal)