BYPASS "Like Mice And Heroes" Raging Planet/Raising Legends 2010
God Knows You've Got Me Hanging
Someone's Got Something To Burn
Flags And Armours
Bears Are Closer
Selling Hearts
I'm on it
We strike like mice and heroes
Gold figures
Hey Alien! Come, Alien
"LIKE MICE AND HEROES" Practitioners of a post-something borderless Rock, Bypass are back with their third album. Always faithful to a crafted ingenuity that refuses compromises. Inspired by the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America , LIKE MICE AND HEROES was born during the mediation process that created a hero on a global scale. It therefore reflects the contagious euphoria of the moment without ever forgetting however, the role that each of us plays in its own history as a manufacturer of reality.
The urgency is the motto.
Director: Edgar Ferreira
© Luísa Barata
© Luísa Barata
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